Parkway Presbyterian Church
Thursday, June 22, 2017
The Friendly Church, With a Place For You


The stained glass windows of Parkway Presbyterian Church were installed when the new sanctuary and facilities were constructed in 1985. The six windows were purchased from the Statesville Stained Glass Co., Inc.

All of the windows are timeless gifts given to the church as memorials. A mortar-based 
composition was used to secure the heavy 'glass' and help from form each beautiful mosaic pattern. The windows are place in wall space designed specifically for the chosen window. The glass used is not glass but is a 20th century, specially designed
plastic which resembles stained glass at its finest. Christian symbols are found in the brilliantly colored stained glass in a design to compliment and add warmth and reverence to the architecture of the church.

The windows can be admired intrinsically for their colors and beautiful craftsmanship, 
but it is the story they tell that makes them special in this place of worship.

The Seal of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. Window

The seal is located in the future balcony area. To our knowledge, Parkway was the
first church to have placed the new Presbyterian seal in its church design. The colors
used in the seal have both theological and traditional meanings. The gold cross is a majestic, regal color, symbolizing refinement, purity, celebration and light. 
The seal of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. is a symbolic statement of the church's heritage, identity and mission in contemporary form.
The Cross of Suffering Window

This church window was given in memory of Arvie and Oscar Barnes. Arvie Barnes was 
one of the organizing members of the Springfield Church. The light shining in on the
cross gives people the opportunity to worship within the light of God. The golden rays
of the sun symbolize Christ. The rayed cross is called the Cross of the Suffering and
from it teams rays of sun and help. The colors of purple and blue are used to remind
us of the seasons and reasons of Advent and Lent. Red represents Christ's suffering,
the presence of the Spirit, revelation, the ascension and Pentecost and the ongoing
mission of the church. The green colors are symbolic of new beginnings and life
everlasting and are a reminder of the Sunday's after Pentecost. The blue surrounding
the cross provides a historical connection to earlier symbols, including the Seal of the
Church of Scotland. The descending dove represents the Holy Spirit and the presence
of God, and expresses innocence, purity and peace. The background, shades of all of
God's colors, symbolizes the seasons of the earth, our lives and the church. In the
evening, with the sun bathing the window from the outside, the vibrant colors of the
window radiate to make a most spectacular sight.
Commandments Window

On the left side entering the sanctuary is the Ten Commandments window. These tablets of stone represent the many manifestations of the law handed down to Moses by God. Surrounding the Commandments is the Tree of Life, symbolizing the continuation of life in Jesus Christ. The green color in the leaves of the tree represents new beginnings, renewal and spiritual growth.
Nativity Window

On the left side entering the sanctuary is the Nativity window. The manger is symbolic of
God's appearance in the human arena. Heavenly rays from the bright, shining Star of
Bethlehem shine down from above and bathe the birthplace of Jesus with brilliant radiance.
The rays of light have meaning for us beyond the baby, to a great vision of God's transforming,
revolutionary work in the world. The Star of Bethlehem, the same star that shined so brightly
to guide the Wise Men to the Christ child, symbolically conveys the need for each individual
to receive the light of Christ's coming. Look closely to find the Chi (X) Rho (P) Cross which
is the center of the nativity. Chi Rho are Greek words meaning Christ. This same cross is
found in the Transfiguration window.
Transfiguration Window

On the right side entering the sanctuary, the second window is called Transfiguration.
The Chi Rho Cross represents the culmination of Christ's ministry on earth and gives us
a foretaste of Christ's glory in heaven and on earth. This same cross is depicted in the
Nativity window. Christ and the twelve disciples are represented by the one gold and
twelve amber rays extending from the cross. The old and new testament are symbolized
be the two scrolls. When viewing this window from the hallway, the tablets with the Ten
Commandments come clearly into view.