Parkway Presbyterian Church
Wednesday, July 26, 2017
The Friendly Church, With a Place For You
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OUR FOOD PANTRY will be collecting diapers during July.  Please bring your packages of diapers and place them at the wooden cross in the narthex. We also are in need of diapers.


SCHOOL IS OUT – Watch for kids – drive extra cautiously!



WE NOW WILL BE COLLECTING SCHOOL SUPPLIES for the homeless and less-fortunate in our community. Supplies needed are: polo shirts (any solid color), backpacks, notebooks (like Trapper Keeper), spiral notebooks with simple and multiple sections, #2 yellow pencils, pens (red, blue and black), loose-leaf notebook paper, pencil holders, crayons and rulers. The school year begins August 17th so try to get your supplies in by August 13th!


TODAY IS OUR ANNUAL PATRIOTIC SERVICE!  We want to honor those who have served and are serving.  We remember our independence on July 4, 1776.  Many lives since then have been given in the fight for freedom for us all.  War is horrible, but inevitable.  We go to war to fight against oppression and many other causes to ensure freedom.  At Parkway today we honor all those who have fought for our freedom.



PASTOR RIC TO BEGIN SERMON SERIES!  Pastor Ric will have a six-Sunday sermon series on the six stained glass windows that adorn our sanctuary.  The sermon will include the messages held within each window and what this message means for our lives.

July 9th               The Commandments Window (Organ Side)

July 16th            The Nativity Window (Organ Side)

July 23rd           The Son Window (Choir Side)

July 30th            The Transfiguration Window (Choir Side)

August 6th       The Seal Of The Presbyterian Church (USA) Window (In The Loft)

August 13th -       The Cross Of The Suffering Window (Chancel Area)



A BIG THANK-YOU to all who helped with the Yard Sale this past Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Thanks also to all who donated the many items.  Benefits from the Yard Sale will go to the Food Pantry.  Without your help and the volunteers in the Food Pantry, this major project would not have been successful.  Again, thank you very much!




Operating -                                         $12,178

Pantry -                                               $5,320 (2nd Grant for $5,000)

Two Cents A Meal -                           $68

Pentecost Church Wide -                 $17 

Youth -                                                 $35

Sign -                                                    $45

Memorials -                                        $275





In the gospel reading for this Sunday, Matthew has Jesus bringing to a close his instructions to the twelve disciples. Up to this point they were the focus of his attention along with their mission, their stature, their fears, and his expectations of them. Now the focus is on those to whom the disciples go. Six times in this short segment from Matthew we hear the word welcome. Was Matthew a copywriter for contemporary congregations? Sounds like it. More than a little, here and there, one hears of “welcoming congregations,” groups of believers wanting to make known how wide their collective arms reach. This is worthy stuff, but only if we all strive harder at the welcome.