Parkway Presbyterian Church
Saturday, April 04, 2020
The Friendly Church, With a Place For You
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These texts let us struggle with what to do when things don’t turn out as we had expected—especially when life that comes from God doesn’t fit our expectations. Hearing unhelpful complaints, we wrestle to find better ways of lamenting and bringing our grievances before God.  Today’s texts are all about expectations. For many people this time of year is full of them: teachers are setting expectations for behavior in the classroom; athletes are beginning to discover what they might expect from their seasons; stewardship committees are talking about what to expect in this year’s campaign; parents are walking the balance between high expectations for their kids and too much pressure on everyone. For many, expectations become a quietly borne burden, a constant fear that they will disappoint. But for others unemployment or illness has brought all of that to a frightening halt. For yet others no one has asked for their gifts, and they begin to despair that they have anything to offer.